Intelligence, Surveillance, &


Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance


Why ISR?

HartSCI’s ISR portfolio includes reproducible low-cost air and space imaging platforms as well as innovative systems for measuring source identifying acoustics from remote optical sensing. 

Providing the Tools for Persistent Awareness

Our goal in developing ISR technologies and system platforms is to the provide the capability to capture timely and interpretable information to users for rapid, effective decision-making. Our systems are designed with the thoughtful development of requirements to meet our customers varied mission needs and we have been at work developing the next generation of sensing technologies to provide new integrable sensing modalities for additional and unique information to users. 

The technology applications of our portfolio include:

  • Military and Intelligence Operations

  • Homeland security 

  • Disaster relief

  • Humanitarian assistance 

  • Precision agriculture

  • Early forest fire detection

  • Climate observation

Our goal has been to develop rapid production large variable-aperture optical payloads for airborne and space sensors. In addition, our portfolio includes the capability for remotely capturing acoustic information from distant passive or active optical sensors. 

Large Aperture in a Small Flight Package

Our optical sensing payload provides a large variable aperture platform for space and airborne vehicles in a small lightweight package. The platform has been designed to be reproducible at low-cost and have a rapid production time. At a glance: 

  • Up to 100 times lighter and 3.5 times smaller in volume than traditional optical payloads

  • Variable aperture sizes designed to customer missions needs

  • Spaceflight proven materials

  • Thermally stable image performance 

  • High-resolution NIR downward imaging capability 

Light to Sound, Remote Acoustic Sensing

Necessity is the mother of invention and the HartSCI remote acoustic imaging system is an innovative sensing modality for capturing new observables from ISR platforms. The system provides acoustic information from remote and far away optical imagery for source identification and threat assessment. At a glance, the technology provides: 

  • Intelligence observables for source identification 

  • Detection of concealed activity within structures from optical sensing 

  • Battlespace awareness through acoustic activity detection from ISR platforms

Why Use HartSCI?

HartSCI’s ISR systems are tailored to our customer’s mission needs. Our agile development team of skilled engineers and scientists has the capability to develop systems for commercial, scientific, or military partners and the lifetime cycle for new programs can be made to meet customer-driven milestones.  

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