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A Fast Wavefront Reconstructor for the Nonlinear Curvature Wavefront Sensor

ABSTRACT: The Nonlinear Curvature Wavefront Sensor (nlCWFS), first proposed by Guyon,[1] determines wavefront shape from images of a reference beacon in a number of planes between the pupil and focal plane of a telescope […]

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High resolution Imaging of Satellites in Daylight

ABSTRACT: Ground-based imaging of satellites during the daytime represents a formidable challenge due the strong turbulence induced noise in the imagery and the high background noise. Two important approaches for overcoming the problem of imaging through this strong turbulence […]

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Advances in Polarized Remote Acoustic Imaging

ABSTRACT: Small surface vibrations imparted from both internal and external driving acoustics, such as speech, machinery, or structural modes result in observable changes to the degree of linear polarization from light reflected off common materials such as windows, painted surfaces, and metals […]

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Image registration for daylight adaptive optics

ABSTRACT: Daytime use of adaptive optics (AO) at large telescopes is hampered by shot noise from the bright sky background. Wave-front sensing may use a sodium laser guide star observed through a magneto-optical filter  […]

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Image Restoration for Daylight Adaptive Optics

ABSTRACT: Ground-based imagery of satellites is a cornerstone of SSA. The resolution of this imagery is fundamentally limited by turbulence in the atmosphere. Full resolution can be restored by using advanced multi-frame blind deconvolution (MFBD) algorithms […]

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Wide field astronomical image compensation with multiple laser-guided adaptive optics

ABSTRACT: We report closed-loop results obtained from the first adaptive optics system to deploy multiple laser guide beacons. The system is mounted on the 6.5 m MMT telescope in Arizona, and is designed to explore advanced altitude-conjugated techniques for wide-field image compensation […]

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Remote Acoustic Imaging of Geosynchronous Satellites

ABSTRACT: Identification and characterization of orbiting objects that are not spatially resolved are challenging problems for traditional remote sensing methods. Hyper temporal imaging, enabled by fast, low-noise electro-optical detectors is a new sensing modality […]

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Design of a space-based infrared imaging interferometer

ABSTRACT: Present space-based optical imaging sensors are expensive. Launch costs are dictated by weight and size, and system design must take into account the low fault tolerance of a system that cannot be readily accessed once deployed […]

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