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Atmospheric tomography for artificial satellite observations with a single guide star

ABSTRACT: Estimation of wavefront errors in three dimensions is required to mitigate isoplanatic errors when using adaptive optics or numerical restoration algorithms to recover high-resolution images from blurred data taken through atmospheric turbulence […]

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High-resolution speckle imaging through strong atmospheric turbulence

ABSTRACT: We demonstrate that high-resolution imaging through strong atmospheric turbulence can be achieved by acquiring data with a system that captures short exposure (“speckle”) images using a range of aperture sizes […]

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A Comprehensive Approach to High-Resolution Daylight Imaging for SSA

ABSTRACT: High resolution daytime imaging of resident space objects (RSO) from the ground is presently severely challenging. At visible wavelengths, where diffraction-limited resolution is the highest before the atmosphere becomes opaque in the UV […]

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Daylight operation of a sodium laser guide star for adaptive optics wavefront sensing

ABSTRACT: We report contrast measurements of a sodium resonance guide star against the daylight sky when observed through a tuned magneto-optical filter (MOF). The guide star was created by projection of a laser beam at 589.16 nm into the mesospheric sodium layer. […]

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