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Stable Narrow-line VECSEL Operation for Sodium Guide Star Generation

ABSTRACT: In the development of laser guide star (LGS) technology, Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VECSELs) are attractive because of their simplicity and compactness […]

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Fast Tomographic Reconstruction of Atmospheric Turbulence from Micro-Lens Imagery

ABSTRACT: We consider using data acquired from a micro-lens array through which multiple images of the full field-of-view of an astronomical target are formed to attempt to reconstruct the 3-D wave front for the observations […]

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Multi-Frame Myopic Deconvolution for Imaging in Daylight and Strong Turbulence Conditions

ABSTRACT: We describe results from new computational techniques to extend the reach of large ground-based optical telescopes, enabling high resolution imaging of space objects under daylight conditions […]

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High-resolution imaging through strong atmospheric turbulence and over wide fields-of-view

ABSTRACT: We use numerical simulations to study the prospective performance of a dual channel imaging system for observing space-based targets through strong atmospheric turbulence: one channel of the system employs aperture diversity and the other an imaging Shack-Hartmann wave-front sensor […]

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Ground-Layer Adaptive Optics with Multiple Laser Guide Stars

ABSTRACT: We report the first closed-loop results obtained from an adaptive optics system with multiple laser guide beacons. The system is mounted on the 6.5 m MMT in Arizona, and is designed to explore advanced altitude-conjugated techniques for wide-field image compensation […]

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Resolved observations of geostationary satellites from the 6.5 m MMT

ABSTRACT: We report observations of a number of geostationary spacecraft recorded in the JH, and Ks bands (centered around 1.2 μm, 1.6 μm, and 2.2 μm) at the 6.5 m MMT telescope in January 2015. With adaptive optics, the satellites were resolved at close to the diffraction limit in each of the wavebands […]

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Image Restoration from Sodium Guide Star Observations in Daylight

ABSTRACT: Current ground-based resolved imaging of resident space objects is mostly limited to dawn and dusk, thus severely restricting the timing of observations  […]

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High-resolution space situational awareness imaging using carbon fiber telescopes

ABSTRACT: High-resolution imagery of satellites from ground-based telescopes plays an important role in space situational awareness (SSA). Current approaches generally rely on large aperture telescopes equipped with adaptive optics […]

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