Space Situational


Space Situational Awareness


Why Space Situational Awareness?

Space is an increasingly contested environment for satellite owners and operators. HartSCI’s ground systems provide the necessary capability for continuously monitoring high value assets and performing threat assessments to achieve persistent awareness of the space domain and the visual coverage needed for nominal operations. 

Creating the Technological Edge

Operations in the space theatre are becoming increasingly difficult with a rapidly growing population of active satellites which must be continuously monitored and maintained. HartSCI has leveraged its expertise in EO/IR sensing to develop integrable solutions for the ground-based assessment of both resolved and non-resolved satellites in day and night conditions. 

On-Demand Visual Access to Space Assets

HartSCI has worked with its customers and partners to develop affordable ground-based solutions to monitor space assets and perform threat assessments. Our catalogue of solutions developed allows: 

  • 24/7 on-demand high-resolution imaging of satellites  

  • Non-resolved imaging methods for identification and threat assessment 

  • Orbit determination and fast maneuver detection 

  • Non-active methods for assessing GEO assets

Why Use HartSCI?

HartSCI’s integrable solutions enable the capabilities necessary for both commercial and military customers to maintain the safe operation of space assets from the ground.

HartSCI has decades of experience in the field of space situational awareness and has built and maintained strong relationships with customers to develop and deploy the next generation of ground-based EO/IR systems to manage interests in space. 

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