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Adaptive Optics, Imaging, & Wavefront Sensing

Nature isn’t kind when light passes through Earth’s turbulent atmosphere. Both transmitted and received light are disrupted by the dynamic turbulence between source and sensor. Given the enormous amount of information carried by light, the defense, scientific, and commercial communities are finding themselves increasingly reliant on adaptive optics to overcome nature’s roadblocks to meet their sensing challenges. HartSCI’s science and engineering team has three decades of collective experience in the research, design, development, integration, and use of adaptive optics systems, laser guide stars, and wavefront sensing technologies. 

Space Situational Awareness

Space is an increasingly contested environment for satellite owners and operators. HartSCI’s ground systems provide the necessary capability for continuously monitoring high value assets and performing threat assessments to achieve persistent awareness of the space domain and the visual coverage needed for nominal operations. 

Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance

HartSCI’s ISR portfolio includes reproducible low-cost air and space imaging platforms as well as innovative systems for measuring source identifying acoustics from remote optical sensing. 

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