Meet the

HartSCI Team

Meet the
HartSCI Team


What is HartSCI?

By training, we are scientists and engineers and as such we approach our work with what the physicist calls first principles. We do this in our fields of imaging, optics, light propagation, and information theory pushing the technological state of the art with our products and solutions.

Hart Scientific Consulting International LLC

is a proud member of
National Association of Government Contractors

How We Began

We started in the dusty town of Tucson, Arizona in the heart of the American southwest and known in the world of science for astronomy and optics. Since 2008, we have been using our expertise in both fields to solve hard challenges in high-resolution imaging and related sensing technologies. We’re more than just stargazers these days; our work spans academia, aerospace industries, and major government partners.

HartSCI’s Management

Michael Hart, Ph.D


Michael Hart studied physics at Oxford University before taking a PhD in Astronomy at the University of Arizona, with an emphasis on optical instrumentation for high resolution imaging. He founded HartSCI in 2008 and he continues to provide technical leadership to the product development teams.

His scientific specialties include adaptive optics, the dynamic compensation of optical image blur, numerical image restoration, and optical remote sensing methods. Dr. Hart is also a faculty member at the University of Arizona’s College of Optical Sciences where he leads a research group and provides student mentoring and graduate-level teaching. He holds several patents in the fields of remote sensing and adaptive optics.

Dr. Hart is a licensed private pilot and also occasionally finds time to squeeze in some camping and woodworking.


Stephen Warner, B.Sc.

Vice President

Stephen Warner is Vice President and Program Manager for Hart Scientific Consulting International. Spanning three decades, Mr. Warner provided engineering, technical, and management expertise at the University of Arizona Richard F. Carris Mirror Lab as engineer and Production Manager. He completed his career at UA Engineering and Technical Services (ETS) as a Project Manager, and retired from there in 2015 when he joined Hart Scientific.

Since joining the company he has provided engineering and contract management for a variety of DoD research programs as well as managing company operations.

Mr. Warner’s hobbies include golf, RVing, boating, and off-road vehicle adventures.